Classic cottesloe cottage renovation encomporating white picket fences, Basalt cobblestones simple yet elegant details. Young children are taken into account with sunken trampoline area, sand pit, slide and rolling grass sections while the adults are entertained in the alfresco with a beautiful spotted gum deck surrounded by large format travetine tiles

“Welcome to a picturesque paradise! Greenhorizons has transformed this backyard into a stunning landscape masterpiece. Nestled in a classic Cottesloe cottage renovation, the charm of white picket fences and elegant Basalt cobblestones accentuates the simple yet exquisite details.

Catering to every member of the family, the design is ingenious: young children delight in the sunken trampoline area, sandpit, slides, and rolling grass sections, while adults indulge in the alfresco area. Here, spotted gum decking and expansive travertine tiles set the stage for sophisticated entertainment and relaxation.

It’s a seamless blend of family-friendly features and stylish design, ensuring everyone enjoys the beauty and functionality of this enchanting backyard oasis.”

Project Details

Designer: Green Horizons Landscape Construction
Photography: Douglas Mark Black Photography

Picket Fence



Spotted Gum Decking